One Beer in The Twilight Zone

Here's a question. What can you can do in Glasgow when you finish work at 10.30 at night?

It's too late to go out with my partner or pals and the kids are tucked up in bed. So playing with them or reading them a goodnight story is out. But once a week I enjoy a swift pint before I get the 6A bus home.

Auctioneers shuts at 11 so I usually visit the Counting House or Camperdown. It amazes me how busy they are even late on a Monday or a Tuesday night. The Counting House is teeming with students most evenings and they seem very happy to be in there.  It's a cheap way to have a few jugs of cocktails before going on to a nightclub, I suppose. But I'm nearly 44,  I don't like cocktails and the last club I was in was the dearly departed and sorely missed Clatty Patts on Great Western Road. And that was about 12 years ago.

So I opt for the Camperdown. It's darker and more atmospheric you normally get served a bit quicker than in the Counting House where sometimes you wait for what seems like an eternity.

I normally go for an Innis and Gunn lager or a pint of Caesar Augustus and settle down with my paper for 20 minutes of peace. It doesn't last long though. Soon I'm sprinting across West George Street to get the bus to Knightswood Cross. On board are a mixed bunch of passengers made up mostly of restaurant workers, people on their way home from a night on the town ... and me.

I'll admit, it's not exactly life in the fast lane but it beats a late night workout at the 24-hour gym in Jamaica Street. That won't be happening in this lifetime, believe me.